Serenity Ministries is its own denomination. It welcomes all denominations and beliefs, including those with no acceptance of a higher power. Even if you do not believe in a supreme creator, the Creator believes in you.



Serenity Ministries has no traditional doctrine. The right hand of Serenity Ministries is The Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique or SVH. This prayer modality is an active form of prayer that directs the higher consciousness, the soul and the Creator, to apply the many transformational tools it employs. The Creator initiates all applications of this active form of prayer, affecting change at every level.


Our Statement:

Through the Creator all things are possible.


Our Beliefs:

  1. The Creator is known by many names and loves all.
  2. Each of us has a purpose within the Plan of the Creator. The pace of the completion of that purpose is integral to the paths we choose. Those paths can be transformed to ones of ease, grace and harmony, in order to expedite the completion of our purpose.
  3. We are the definers of our reality.
  4. We are all teachers and students of this life.
  5. We require no human guru; our guru is God.
  6. We all have the innate ability to communicate with the Creator.
  7. There are no external philosophies that hold a higher truth than the answers that can be accessed from within the sacred heart.
  8. Sovereignty and autonomy are master principles that every being can claim.
  9. Attracting and manifesting an abundance of health, vitality, joy, honoring relationships and prosperity is a choice.
  10. Integrity, neutrality and honor are unwavering master principles.


Our Goals:
Assist the individual and collective expansion through global awareness, personal example and knowledge. 

Our Objectives:
Promote world peace.
Be a lighthouse of hope for those that are struggling to remember that they are love.
Reflect an unwavering, harmonious, neutral acceptance of all beings and their choices.
Anchor light and principles of harmony throughout the world.
Support personal empowerment worldwide. 

Our Individual Purpose:
Live purposefully, master our mind, consciously create every facet of our realm, become joyful, radiate the principles of divine neutrality and harmony, complete our purpose, achieve supreme enlightenment and ascend.

The Steps to Enlightenment:
To attain the greatest levels of clarity, focus and conscious awareness, we must first quiet the mind. To achieve this goal we employ the transformational reformatting tools and processes utilized within the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique/SVH. This active form of prayer is the right hand of Serenity Ministries. It is a means to release genetic and current life beliefs that limit sovereignty, autonomy and clarity, which are the cornerstones of personal mastery. Through the Creator all things are possible.

Alliance of Modalities:
Because SVH is an active form of prayer and its applications are governed solely by the Creator, we can easily work in conjunction with the honoring principles and systems utilized within all modalities. Serenity Ministries is able to integrate the principles of all modalities with the SVH active form of prayer. As the Creator implements each profile, every principle is elevated to its highest alignment.


  1. Always acknowledge that the Creator applies every SVH mechanism and phase of the active form of prayer utilized by Serenity Ministries.
  2. Never share the intentionally classified concepts of The Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique or teach the mechanisms of them without a valid teacher’s certification that has been granted by Rev. Jill Marie.
  3. Never associate Serenity Ministries or The Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique with any illegal, erroneous or immoral action.


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